More than a hundred tutors trained by the Student Union Kaakko attend to a variety of tasks at Xamk each year. All degree students may apply to Tutoring course in Peppi and become a tutor.

After completing common basic education 0,5 ECTS student will select specialization training 0,5 ECTS in which the student wishes to specialize. Selective specialization trainings are peer tutor, hobby tutor, exchange tutor or eTutor. In part of the specialization training there are campus-specific quotas. The student completes the remaining 4 ECTS credits by acting the next academic year as a tutor. In addition, a tutor who has already been trained as a tutor and who will continue as a tutor is able to apply as a mentor tutor through Peppi, no need to do training again.

Why become a tutor?

Working together with students, the Student Union Kaakko and Xamk's staff tutors become familiar with the  community and meet many new people. As a tutor, you will get valuable work experience and credits. Last but not least, you will have a great time.

How can I become a student tutor?

You can become a tutor by applying to a Tutoring course in Peppi. You can get more information from Student Union Kaakko's channels, Student or your own tutor. After completing the course, you will work as a tutor throughout the following academic year.


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How are you?

You can contact the student union whenever you've something to tell about related to your education, the campus or the school atmosphere. We are happy to receive proposals for improvements and positive comments about our UAS. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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