Representative body elections



The delegate elections of the representative body of Student Union of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. 20 official and 20 deputy members of delegate will be chosen. The representative body is the highest decision making body in the student union.

The elections are held annually in November. Last day to apply for a delegat in 2018 is 12th of october.

More information about this will be announced when the election committee has decided on the way of voting.

Every member of Student Union of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences can run to become a candidate for delegate and also vote in the elections. The membership fee must be paid and the membership will be checked before the elections. All the members will be listed and membership status can be checked personally at the student union office in Mikkeli, Savonlinna (on Thursdays), Kotka or Kouvola

How to become a candidate?
All members willing to become a candidate must fill in the candidate form. The form must be returned signed to the secretary of election committee by email before 12th of October

Candidates have a right to form electoral alliances. The electoral alliance must be formed with electoral alliance establishing form. All alliances must have a spokesman who can’t be a spokesman of any other alliance. Electoral alliance establishing form must be returned to the secretary of election committee by email For example degree programmes, student associations, political parties or group of friends can form the electoral alliance. The electoral alliance must have a name that can’t offend personal rights, be commercial or other way inappropriate. The election committee can demand the electoral alliance to change its name. One candidate can only belong to one electoral alliance at the same time.

Operative language of the representative council is Finnish


Election regulations

Candidate application form

Electoral alliance form


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