Harassment contact persons

Student Union Kaakko wants to prevent harassment at Xamk and will intervene in any known harassment.

We have specific harassment contact persons in order to lower the threshold for reporting harassment. Harassment may involve mental or physical bullying, discrimination, nasty comments or messages, slandering or any such activity by another person that the person being harassed finds insulting or unpleasant. The harasser may be a fellow student or a member of staff.

Students who have experienced harassment can choose whether they want to talk to a male or female harassment contact person. The discussions are confidential and any measures taken are subject to the consent of the student. The harassment contact persons work under the obligation of secrecy.

Do not hesitate to contact them when you need help!
Contact details of the harassment contact persons:

Teemu Illikainen

Samuli Rossi

Elina Ylönen

Meetta Pirskanen

Lauri Tuohiniemi

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