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Education policy

Education policy, ‘koulutuspolitiikka’ in Finnish and informally abbreviated as ‘kopo’, refers to the development and improvement of matters related to the quality and content of education. For the student union, education policy means electing student representatives to various education policy-related teams and task forces. These teams and task forces work on matters such as degree structures, curricula, guidance processes and instructions, including the Degree Regulation and RPL guidelines. Student representatives have an important role in this work, as students themselves are the only experts on student life. They provide the other members of the team, mainly representing the UAS staff, with important information.

Social policy

Social policy, informally abbreviated as ‘sopo’, refers to influencing matters related to students’ welfare, such as student housing, student meals and overall student well-being. The student union’s social policy-related responsibilities include participating in the meetings of student restaurant customer committees and improving the opportunities for leisure activities. In addition, social policy activities include collaborating with student health care services, student counsellors, the student welfare adviser, the school psychologist and the school chaplain to ensure the well-being of all students.


Nyyti ry edistää ja tukee opiskelijoiden henkistä hyvinvointia ja elämänhallintaa. Nyytin yhteisöllinen ja monipuolinen toiminta lähtee opiskelijoiden tarpeista ja elämäntilanteista. Mikään aihe ei ole liian pieni tai suuri yhteydenotolle.

Nyytin tarina rekisteröitynä yhdistyksenä alkoi Opiskelijoiden mielenterveys- ja yhteisöasumiskokeilu -projektista 1984. Siitä lähtien Nyyti on tarjonnut apua tuhansille opiskelijoille.


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How are you?

You can contact the student union whenever you've something to tell about related to your education, the campus or the school atmosphere. We are happy to receive proposals for improvements and positive comments about our UAS. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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