The Board of Student Union Kaakko implements the decisions made by the Representative Body. The Board is in charge of operational activities together with hired staff.

The Board represents students in various teams and task forces at Xamk, in the campus towns and in the region in general. The Board participates in the development and improvement of teaching and student well-being through means such as the quality control of curricula and education and the promotion of students’ leisure activities. At Xamk, Student Union Kaakko is also responsible for the co-ordination and development of student tutoring. In addition, the Board arranges various sports and leisure activity events.

The Board meets every few weeks, but in the meantime the members attend to matters within their scope of responsibility and represent students at various events. The Board is elected at the Representative Body’s organising meeting in November. Similar to the Representative Body, any member of Student Union Kaakko may become a Board member.

If you are interested in a vantage point at the operational head of the student union, apply to become a Board member!


Board Members

Katja Kuusemo Hallituksen jäsen, ohjaus ja tutorointi // Member of the board, guidance and tutoring, (Mikkeli)
Greta Lehtinen Hallituksen jäsen, kansainvälisyys // Member of the board, international affears, (Mikkeli)
Roni Leppänen Hallituksen jäsen, edunvalvonta // Member of the board, advocacy work, (Kotka)
Ilkka Lohilahti
Ilkka Lohilahti Hallituksen 3. virkaatekevä varapuheenjohtaja // 3rd Vice chairperson of the board, (Savonlinna)
Tero Ojanen Hallituksen jäsen, viestintä // Member of the board, communications, (Savonlinna)
Ilkka Perälä
Ilkka Perälä Hallituksen 2. varapuheenjohtaja, palvelut ja tapahtumat // 2th vice chairperson of the board, services and events, (Kotka) 044 5708614
Iida Pilli-Sihvola Hallituksen 1. varapuheenjohtaja, edunvalvonta // 1st vice chairperson of the board, advocacy work, (Mikkeli)
Samuli Rossi
Samuli Rossi Hallituksen jäsen, ohjaus ja tutorointi // Member of the board, guidance and tutoring, (kouvola)
Sauli Sarjus
Sauli Sarjus Hallituksen puheenjohtaja // Chairperson of the board, (Kouvola) 0445404552
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