INFO: Layout of the student card app changes via app update

28.12.2018 | Lauri Tuohiniemi

The layout of -student card changes and an important update has been put available

An important update has come to application that changes the layout of the student card. Until now the student card that is found in the application has been blue and yellow. The update will change the card completely to blue. The student card for path students will stay ythe same. The update will be found from App Store and Google Play

The update will not affect the discounts and benefits that the members of the student union Kaakko are entitled to. Only the layout changes.

The new update must be installed before January because VR (the trains in Finland) will only approve the updated student card that is all blue in 2019.

 More information:

Lauri Tuohiniemi, Pääsihteeri 

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