A record number of students applied for the Student Union Kaakkos tutoring course!

12.02.2019 | Heidi Salminen

Student Union Kaakko organize tutor trainings in following spring! Tutor training includes two contact meetings where the first one is common basic education and the second one is for specialization training. For the specialization training students are able to choose their own form of tutoring (peer, hobby, international or eTutoring).

Peer tutoring is the most prominent form of tutoring in Xamk. Peer tutors introduce new students to new environment and so they integrates to University of Applied Sciences. Peer tutoring is important part of the guidance process. Without peer tutoring students would more likely suspend their studies. Other forms of tutoring are also really important because they support students and help them to communicate between staff and students.

Student Union Kaakko wants to continue great cooperation with different services in Xamk. We want to increase close cooperation between studies coordinators, international services, sports and hobby services, e-campus and tutors. With a great cooperation we are able to train more awesome tutors to Xamk!

More info about the course:

Elina Ylönen, Specialist in tutoring and guidance, elina.ylonen(at)xamk.fi, 040 185 9683

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