Student union representative council for the year 2019 has been elected.

7.11.2018 | Lauri Tuohiniemi

Following people have been elected to the student union Kaakko representative council for the year 2019:


Milla Nevalainen              (Mikkelin kampus)

Iida Pilli-Sihvola                 (Mikkelin campus)

Samuli Häkkänen              (Mikkelin campus)

Johanna Sinimäki              (Mikkelin campus)

Iina Hoteila                         (Mikkelin campus)

Anu Hokkanen                   (Mikkelin campus)

Riku Mäensivu                   (Mikkelin campus)

Riikka Peni                          (Mikkelin campus)

Juuso Perkinen                  (Mikkelin campus)

Johannes Tuuttila             (Mikkelin campus)

Arttu-Petteri Klami          (Kotkan campus)

Elias Viljaharju                   (Savonlinnan campus)

Santtu Vesanen                (Kotkan campus)

Suvi Pietarinen                  (Mikkelin campus)

Essi Niemi                            (Kouvolan campus)

Tomi-Aleksi Härkönen    (Kouvolan campus)

Antti Rantaniva                 (Mikkelin campus)

Ira Krogius                           (Kouvolan campus)

Matti Hämäläinen            (Mikkelin campus)


Representative council elections were not needed because there were less than 20 delegates applying for the council.

Congratulations for new representatives. The new council will have their organization meeting at Kouvola campus on 26.11 at 12.00 o’clock


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