Absence and resigning from the Student Union

If you want to be absent from the Student Union

Not getting a semester – or academic year sticker doesn’t transfer the payments to upcoming semesters. You are a member automatically the time you originally have paid.

When you want to be absent during the membership time, please contact the Student Union to have your membership fees transferred. The absence in the autumn semester needs to be informed by September 30th and in the spring semester by January 31st.

Resigning from the student union

Resignation from the Student Union can be applied with a written document, which you can get by asking it from Kaakko’s office. The Board will grant the resignation in the next meeting after the application has arrived. For resignation to be granted, a student needs to return his student card to Kaakko’s office if there is a valid sticker on the card. Kaakko´s staff will remove the valid sticker from the card. After that the student can keep the card as a memory.

If a student has paid membership fees in upcoming semesters, it’s possible to ask them back with the same resignation document.

Unused membership fees are returned only if:
1) a resignation form arrives at Kaakko's office by the appointed time.
2) there is no valid sticker on the student card. Kaakko's staff will remove the valid the sticker. A student can have the card back after that.
the amount to be returned is at least 20 €.

The returning of a membership fee of an autumn semester or a whole academic year needs to be applied by September 30th and of a spring semester by January 31st. Membership fees are returned twice a year, on June 30th and December 31st.

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