Renewing the membership

Renew your membership


The validity of the student card is proved by the sticker on the card. You don't need to pay the membership fee, if you already have paid it in advance for the longer period.


The membership can be renewed if:
1. you are a bachelor's or master's degree student, an exchange student or open UAS path, hops or diploma student
2. you have registered as attending for the term/academic year


Validity of the sticker
9/2019 -sticker is valid until September 30, 2019
1/2020 -sticker is valid until January 31, 2020
9/2020 -sticker is valid until September 30, 2020


membership semester, 0,5 year (autumn or spring) 17 €
membership academic year 30 €
membership 2 academic years 56 €
membership 3,5 academic years 95 €
membership 4 academic years 108 €
membership 4,5 academic years 121 €

Please note that we can only give stickers to student cards granted by Student Union Kaakko or if you have started studies before the fusion to the student cards granted by Klaani or MAMOK.


Renew your membership from this link

(opens in a new tab)

After renewing the membership you can get the new sticker from Student Union Kaakko’s office. Please remove the old sticker carefully before coming to get a new sticker. When needed, you can also ask us to send the sticker by mail.

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How are you?

You can contact the student union whenever you've something to tell about related to your education, the campus or the school atmosphere. We are happy to receive proposals for improvements and positive comments about our UAS. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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